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Journey into Egypt Tarot cards

4.25" x 5.5" First edition  signed and numbered  

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Ancestral Path Tarot

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The New Remastered
OT majors only



BLUE MOON TAROT newly remastered vintage, (majors only) tarot deck based on the 13 full moons and 8 cross-quarter days. Julie's nostalgic icon started the trend of Lunar Astrology and Cross-Quarter Days being linked to tarot images. Don't miss this evolutionary step in Julie's tarot journey. The book includes the original text from 1998 and updated coloimages.



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Second Edition Journey into Egypt Tarot cards!




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The Journey into Egypt Tarot Guidebook comes in hardcover or economical softcover. Your road map into the inner workings of Julie Cuccia-Watt’s newest tarot deck. The Journey into Egypt Tarot. Learn about the cards that tap into precession and real sky astrology. Discover the similarities between ancient Egyptian calendar and modern astrology. This is tarot like you have never seen it before. Take a Journey into Egypt using the exquisitely hand crafted work of a seasoned tarot artist. Read the real life stories behind the suits. Explore concepts of dream archeology and shamanic journey-work for yourself. Expect to be surprised by mysteries that have been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

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paperback version

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The most comprehensive Journey into Egypt Tarot study guide. 336 pages full of things to do and know about The Journey into Egypt Tarot by tarot artist Julie Cuccia-Watts. This book includes card descriptions and associations, places for you to write your own insights into the cards adding to the meaning of each of the cards.The book is structured for the beginner and will ease you into the divergent ordering of Julie's new system. There is a concise scientific interpretation of precession. The brief history of calendars showing the interesting connections between the ancient Egyptian calendar and the structure of the horoscope. As well as a reflection on the stories behind the Zodiac glyphs at Dendera. Everything you want to know about The Journey into Egypt Tarot and more.


The making of...


An Artist's Journal

The Making of... Journey into Egypt Tarot An Artist's Journal takes you through the process of the daily acts, the revisions, the envisioning and the slow and profound work of one woman's experience creating a tarot deck. Join tarot artist Julie Cuccia-Watts in her 4th multicultural tarot experiment melding tarot, the ancient Egyptian calendar and Real Sky Astrology. Julie condenses three years of work into 194 colorful pages and gives you a sneak peek inside her newest creation The Journey into Egypt Tarot. Collector's edition





Coloring Book

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ADULT COLORING BOOK-This book is a delightful collection of colorless line drawn illustrations for you to color. The images are black and white line drawings of Julie Cuccia-Watts’ new tarot deck the Journey into Egypt Tarot. The new Journey into Egypt Tarot takes a look at    “real sky”     astrology juxtaposed with the ancient Egyptian   three-season    calendar against a backdrop of foreign historical cultures ancient Egypt influenced.   The Journey into Egypt Tarot is a unique tarot deck based on the ancient calendar systems of ancient  Egypt and  Real Sky Lunar astrology. The Journey into Egypt Tarot Coloring Book gives everyone a chance to reconnect with his or her inner child while learning about this wonderful new deck system.    So grab your favorite crayons,  colored pencils  or  pens  and  let’s have a  journey  into ancient   Egypt with Julie’s Journey into Egypt Tarot.




Record all your new readings in this beautifully bond coordinating hard cover book. Keep your diary and your diary will keep you.



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 MAAT Tarot

second edition 3.5"x 5.75!

  MAAT Tarot cards!

Small Poker sized

MAAT Tarot 


The MAAT Tarot Guide Book



 MAAT Tarot  

 in colo

The second edition MAAT Tarot hardcover guide book has the digitally remastered MAAT Tarot images from Julie Cuccia-Watt’s latest on demand MAAT Tarot deck. The MAAT Tarot is the expanded version of Julie's beloved Blue Moon Tarot a majors only calendar deck. Julie's early work from the first decade of the 21st century is Western Astrology, with a focus on the astrology of the moon and the moon phases. The exquisitely hand crafted work of a seasoned tarot artist goes into its second decade and the digital on demand world. Don’t miss a step in the journey of an artist who has used concepts of dream archeology and shamanic journey-work to create tools that survive the test of time. The MAAT Tarot paperback guide book is an essential book for your occult library at an affordable price. The same book as the hardcover version.