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Another REAL SKY ASTROLOGY Tool is in the works!





 Real Sky Astrology Oracle of the Great Year Cards

are all available!


Age of Aquarius Cards

Age of Pisces Cards

Age of Aries Cards

Age of Taurus cards

Age of Gemini cards

Age of Cancer cards

Age of Leo cards


Age of Virgo


Age or Libra


Age of Scorpio


Age of Sagittarius


Age of Capricorn

36 cards per pack.




The first four guide books are Available on Lulu now.

The Real Sky Astrology ORACLE of the Great Year  a series of 12 book and deck sets that will explore the 26,000 year cycle of the precession through each age. Julie Cuccia-Watts expands on her Real Sky Astrology ideas with her first oracle. This project with 12 sets of 36 cards a total of 432 cards is an expansive interactive oracle. The series will look at the history, geology, and spirituality in each age. You can read through the ages as well as reading for your current birth chart based on your REAL SKY rising sign. The oracle also includes the moon cycles for each sun sign.


Age of Aquarius



Age of Pisces


Age of Aries


Age of Taurus

Age of Gemini




Real Sky Astrology Oracle of the Great Year 

Spread cloth. Available now on PrinterStudio!

18 Planetary Mini Marker cards

for doing Real Sky Astrology Natal Chart Readings readings



Real Sky Astrology 2nd Edition WorkBook is now available



Updated Real Sky Astrology Tarot at PrinterStudio in large tarot sized, poker sized and MINI




Real Sky Astrology

Egyptian God Signs

By Julie Cuccia-Watts

Is the second book in her Real Sky Astrology Series. This book is created specifically as a guide for her Real Sky Astrology Egyptian God Signs class, at the 39th annual Women & Spirituality Conference in Rochester, MN. Egyptian God Signs is the quintessential uncovering of what may be a deeper insight into the symbolism inherent in our modern astrology glyphs. Find out what Real Sky Astrology Egyptian Gods say about where the planets were on the day you were born. You may not be the sign you thought you were, you may be someone even better.


NEW from Peter J Watts

Animae Mundi Dialogues with Earth,


Oracle of Animae Mundi deck


Animae Mundi Guide Book

Available now!



Julie is working on her first Oracle. 12 sets of 36 cards each that make up a 432 card Oracle that covers PRECESSION of the EQUINOX. The Oracle covers the approximate 26,000 year cycle of precession. This tool can be read as a single Age or it can be read through all 12 Ages... a progressive story runs through each card position. The cards include the house, the sign as well as the Egyptian hours of the Duat. There are cards for lunar astrology that feature the astrology signs for the moon phases in each of the astrological rising signs. This complex divination masterwork and study guide could also be used with charm casting and past life exploration. A spread cloth for this Oracle (shown above) is already available at PrinterStudio. A forth coming workbook for this Oracle will follow.



For those of you who love magical tools my friend Robin Freeman has designed this board to use with her Real Sky Astrology deck. Check this out!
“My Real Sky Astrology Deck inspired me to design a workable 3 tiered customizable Astrology board to work with my deck. Boris Rock Stancic helped me bring it to life by creating it! I love it! It’s amazing! Thank you Boris! Thank you Julie Cuccia-Watts for being the wonderful Creatrix of such brilliant, beautiful and powerful decks! Your creation of Real Sky Astrology inspired me! I’ll be using it along with both Journey Into Egypt Decks, and of course the Ancestral Path! ????????”~Robin Freeman
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The remastered MAAT Tarot guide book in paperback and hardcover with the newest MAAT Tarot images in color printed on demand at Lulu. Available now.

Blue Moon Tarot is a newly remastered vintage majors only tarot deck based on the 13 full moons and 8 cross-quarter days.

The deck has the original text from 1998 with updated coloimages available


Julie's newest deck is The Real Sky Astrology available now.


Check out the NEW larger sized remastered and on demand printed second edition Journey into Egypt Tarot cards!

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2019 will marked the third printing of

Ancestral Path Tarot


There is now a larger sized affordable MAAT Tarot  available!



The Journey into Egypt Tarot and MAAT Tarot app 

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android!

The Journey into Egypt Tarot App is available at

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The MAAT Tarot App is available at

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