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Julie Cuccia-Watts  
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Inspiration can often be found in the nebulous, liminal space between sleep and waking. So can information. Archaeologists, mystics, and world leaders have relied on dreams for information for thousands of years. “Dream Archaeology” has become a credible manner of reclaiming our ancient past and retrieving knowledge. Dreams can recreate information as well as provide insight into ancestral traditions thought to be lost under the sands of time. The burning of Alexandria and the vast well of history and knowledge contained in its libraries could very well be one of the greatest human tragedies. Yet all may not be lost. By connecting with our dreams we may recover knowledge and memories- including cellular memories and info-energetic memories. Shamanic journeys, and the visions that accompany them, help us fill gaps in the pseudo-histories written by countless conquerors. The Journey Into Egypt Tarotis born from such metaphysical and incorporeal work. This project is a mystical, artistic, and scholarly endeavor that has literally been millennia in the making.

Julie Cuccia-Watts has tapped into the reservoir of ancient knowledge through dreams. Each morning she and I reflect on the past night’s events; we speak of dreams and their symbols over coffee and tea. Sometimes I listen intently as Julie trades those dreams in for what we call a “download”. Muses sometimes demand attention- and payment. But information can manifest more subtly, as images form and disappear, words are whispered, colours flutter and diminish, and scents softly waft by. Learning is a process that requires one’s full attention, adaptability, and time. It also requires an open mind.

The Journey Into Egypt Tarot challenges, and even provokes, us to shift our worldviews and step out of our comfort zones. Understanding the scope and depth of this project requires full immersion into the invigorating, and sometimes turbulent, waters that flow through the Universe. To appreciate any culture we have to be able to turn the world upside-down, to change our perspectives in such a way that we are truly open to its wisdom. To understand this masterwork, for it is an astonishing journey, we must shift our western thinking and place ourselves into the minds and psyches of our ancestors… Exchange your variable twelve-month calendar for twelve 30-day months consisting of ten-day weeks. Set aside a conventional four season Rota for a three season one. Tuck that cherished 3rd c. astrological bias on a shelf and look up, with your own eyes, into the real sky cosmos.


If you are unable to dream this ancient world into existence then join the caravan and journey with us to Egypt.


Tilt your face to the heavens and feel the powerful heat of a tropical sun. Shuffle your sandaled feet in the burning sand. Experience the light, dry wind as it tousles your hair. Smell the rich, fertile banks of an all-important river that flows north and divides the land beneath you. Hear the multilingual hustle and bustle of the marketplace. Listen to the often passionate, multicultural discourse between many those with different beliefs and customs. You stand at an alchemistic crossroad of religion and culture and you lay in the cradle of modern science and philosophy.


You are here among friends and family. Welcome home.


Peter J. Watts-husband 36 years

Occupation  retired 7th grade science teacher/ author /warrior poet / shaman Author of forthcoming Animae Mundi-Dialogues with Earth Book and Oracle deck


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