Journey into Egypt Tarot

Deck #4 The Evolution of the Calendar Tarot

Journey into Egypt Tarot System Guide


The Journey into Egypt Tarot is the culmination of a 26 year personal journey of tarot creation. This journey began in 1988 with the inception of the Ancestral Path Tarot (Path of the Ancestors Tarot). I noticed the natural structure of seasons in the aces and the 52 weeks of the calendar year built into the minor cards but didn't see the Cross Quarter Days or 13 Moon Cycles until the creation of Blue Moon. MAAT Tarot came next and evolved the 52 weeks into the seven days between moon quarters and the relevance of the moon phase to the zodiac sign. Journey into Egypt arrived after two trips to Egypt and the unfolding of personal connections to Egypt and the realization of Real Sky Astrology. An astrology book is gestating at the moment to empower others to take a look through a keyhole of a real time dynamic universe that plays out much like the cards in a reading. In the meantime the boundaries between the living and the dead, humans and animals and 3 dimensions and 11 become thinner. I look up and see that life is opening more of its petals and I do not want to miss anything. I am called to do many many things that have been on hold since Ancestral Path tugged at my sleeve. So the astrology book will wait for its birth while, soap is made and wool is spun. Life here on the River is too beautiful to miss. ~Julie Cuccia-Watts New Moon in Pisces 4-18-15