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Walking through the New Ancestral Path Tarot with Tamu Ngina!



2019 Interview with TamuNgina



2018 Interview with TamuNgina


Keeping company with TamuNgina and talking about tarot, astrology, energy work and generally solving the world's problems like women do.

Recommended Tarot Readers

For personal Readings with MAAT or Journey into Egypt Tarot

Julie is no longer doing personal reading because life is short and artistic pursuits are taking priority.

Please contact:

My go to girls for personal readings.

Nancy Antenucci

Robin Freeman

Ferol Humphrey



The Real Sky Astrology Tarot-REVIEWS

Rachele (Amethyst Ascension) walks through the book and the deck for you 



The Journey into Egypt Tarot- REVIEWS

TamuNgina reviews The Wheel of Fortune







LavenderMoon The Art of Cosmic Creation

•Peter J Watts-World Tree The Metaphysical Journey of a Closet Shaman

•Nancy Antenucci- Between the World

•Tamu Ngina-YouTube

Vivien Ní Dhuinn-Teach Me Tarot


•Chloe McCracken- InnerWhispers Blog

•Queen Tiye Tarot

•Marie White "M.White Gallery"


 •The Italian Tarot Deck Project, 'LITERATAROT' by 22 American Artists


•Visit Adam McLean's amazing 1000 deck collection

•Rocky F. Catman-Meet Me by the Riverside


For those of you who love magical tools my friend Robin Freeman has designed this board to use with her Real Sky Astrology deck. Check this out!


“My Real Sky Astrology Deck inspired me to design a workable 3 tiered customizable Astrology board to work with my deck. Boris Rock Stancic helped me bring it to life by creating it! I love it! It’s amazing! Thank you Boris! Thank you Julie Cuccia-Watts for being the wonderful Creatrix of such brilliant, beautiful and powerful decks! Your creation of Real Sky Astrology inspired me! I’ll be using it along with both Journey Into Egypt Decks, and of course the Ancestral Path! ????????”~Robin Freeman
Visit Soul Shine Wood Creations to get your very own!

Visit  for help with all your creative endeavors

on demand books  and  on demand cards





Tarot Artist & Deck Creator Interviews -Starting January 2018

Review: The Journey into Egypt Tarot (2013)
By Chiriku




  July 2018-MAAT Tarot review by Numerology Sign -Sarah Roberts

 March 2012-Inner Whispers video review

2010 Deck Creators Forum- by James Ricklef

 MAAT Tarot Review by James Ricklef

•Just a Spoonful of Tarot… by Juno Lucina

A New Shining Light Amongst Tarot Decks: The MAAT Tarot


•Moonchild's Tarot Blog using MAAT Tarot 

by Moonchild

• MAAT Tarot Review

by James Wells

•Review by James Ricklef on Aeclectic Tarot



•The Journey of the Blue Moon

An interview with Julie Cuccia-Watts

By Valerie Antal


•Gems of Self-Publication: Blue Moon Tarot

Valerie Sim, CTGM  

MAAT Tarot review by numerology sign Sarah Roberts