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The Full Moon Cycle of Aquarius
July 23- August 22

The overall theme or lesson of the Full Moon Cycle of Aquarius is- Universal Time, synchronicity and cosmic consciousness circumstances that get human's to think of Time on a bigger scale, looking at life in terms of geologic time.This card will support an understanding  of a greater Universal Time keeper and the cause and effect of cosmic consciousness on the physical plane .

Egyptians called Sirius the Dog Star, its heliacal rising coincided with the Nile's annual Flood. The flooding of the Nile takes place when the Full Moon is in Aquarius. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, bears a striking resemblance to the hieroglyph for the Nile, which is an androgynous male (Hapy) with pendulous breasts, pouring water from jugs onto the land and into the water.
This also bears a resemblance to the Star card in traditional tarot. Is this merely a coincidence? The typical interpretation of the card is synchronicity and universal timing. The "Dog Days" occur between July 24th and August 17th. Sirius Rises with the sun (invisibly) on August 4th and rises one hour before the sun on August 15th. Sirius is called the Dog Star because it 'dogs' Orion, chasing him through the night sky. The constellation Orion is associated with Osiris and was thought to represent him. Orion/ Osiris dropped below the horizon because it is then that he was killed by his brother Set. Set (god of the encroaching desert) was jealous of the beautiful world that Isis and Osiris had created. In his rage he planned to destroy his brother. Set threw an elaborate banquet with Osiris as the guest of honor. Set presented Osiris with a gift at this banquet. The gift was a beautiful box encrusted with precious gems and covered with gold and ironically the box was made with the perfect form to fit Osiris's body. Set encouraged Osiris to get in the box and feel how comfortable it was. How beautiful this box was and how perfectly made it was. Osiris got into the box and Set quickly closed it trapping Osiris. Osiris realized too late that the box was a trick. Set threw the box into the Nile and it floated down the river until it finally came to rest in a large tamarisk tree. Eventually the tree that held Osiris's box was cut down and used as a pillar in the palace of King Byblos. Isis aided by Anubis had been searching for Osiris since his disappearance at Sets party. Isis finds Osiris in the tree as it is about to be cut down. Isis tries to stop the king from cutting down the tree by changing into a dove. But that doesn't work so she takes on a human form and disguises herself as a nurse to the Queen's child to stay close to the tree. Once she is close to the tree she is able to work her magic and secure the box. But this makes Set really mad and he tears Osiris into fourteen pieces and scatters him, hiding his pieces all over Egypt. Isis mourns the death of Osiris her tear/Sirius drops into the Nile causing it to flood. Isis collects the dismembered pieces of her dead husband and eventually conceives a son from Osiris's re-membered pieces.
Upon even further research I have found the river god Hapy is a much older version of Osiris, who represented the river itself. Osiris/the River who’s flooding becomes the personification of fertility as the god's out flowing passion for Isis/Earth is intermixed.  The "evil" murderous brother Set represented the red rock and infertile desert. There seems also to be the symbolism of River representing Time itself, which flows, especially in the context of the Star card.

Other names: Hapi; Sothis, Sophia, Astarte, Ishtar

Symbols: Water pouring onto land and water, the star,

Attributes: Universal Law; coincidence; synchronicity, neheh(cyclical time)

Planetary Ruler: The Sun

Full Moon in Aquarius key phrase: "I know"

In a Reading: This card represents universal timing. The synchronicity that happens when things just fall into place. It seems as if things work out better than you could have planned and it seems as if divine providence has had a hand in human events.

The New Moon in Leo-Food for the soul

The Great Ancient Earth Mother who showed us if you work hard you will be rewarded with abundance. One only has to open a single melon and look at all the seeds (potential new plants and countless fruits) to see that it takes great effort and cunning to create deficit, dependence and want on Earth. Each of us is part of the 7th sacred directions. The work that we do is part of Creation. Work done well becomes a joy in itself. Like the grain that becomes part of the bread and the bread that eaten by the farm worker gives him energy as he plants and then harvests the grain we are ALL part of the great cycle of life.

Traditional tarot meaning: a reward from hard work,

In a Reading: This card represents patience and hard work before rewards. It is symbolized by peasants toiling in a field but could just as well be someone at the gym working out for better health. Simply it is the benefits received from working hard.
First Quarter Moon in Scorpio-Fertility the gift that keeps on giving.

This card represents a gift. It represents giving a gift or receiving a gift. There are many kinds of gifts. The little girl is the gift of a child but she also is the gift of future fertility.


What is it about a gift that is so pleasurable or not? Is it the mystery of the unknown, the unexpected abundance or the knowledge that you are focus of someone else's affection. Some may find a gift an uncomfortable prospect some may suspect strings are attached to gifts and not be able to enjoy them. Which are you? And why?


Traditional tarot meaning: a gift

The Full Moon in Aquarius-A lesson on Value

The symbolic meaning for this card is to be aware and beware. People tend to make judgments about others based on who they are; this can be both an inaccurate assessment as well as self-exposing. This card also warns against people who have little success creating something positive in their own lives and would be looking to get what you have. For example offers made by credit card companies and the like. See these offers for what they are really saying which is, "we think you can give US the amount we are offering you plus interest." It is sometimes better to be happy with less than to kill yourself trying to accumulate extravagant possessions or go on costly adventures you think will make you happy. Think about what is of real value, and what you really need in your life for happiness. Family, friends, clean air, clean water, clean food, good health are things of immeasurable value. The best things in life are free.


In a Reading: This is a card that represents a man who sees life from his own perspective often gearing his sights on long term gains. His need for security leaves him boxed in at times and narrows his view. He has either come from money and has no understanding and sympathy for the poor or has come from a place of want, which has damaged him and made him obsessive about wealth. His intuitive judgment of human nature is not too good so he uses a set of prescribed criteria to judge who he will associate or do business with.

Traditional meaning: a man with dark eyes and hair, the zodiac sign Taurus.
The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus- A reason for healing

This card represents the healing and rejuvenating powers of Earth. As the moon waning in the sign of Taurus (death) it would seem as though life has overpowered death. At this time earth begins to show its abundance, giving its resources of food and pure spring water for the life of its inhabitants.

When was the last time you went skinny-dipping? Do you remember how amazing and free you felt, the wind and water on your naked body? There are some scientists who are convinced that we don't have hair on our bodies because of how much time early humans spent by the water. Our newborn infants instinctively know how to swim. Pregnancy stresses in women's bodies are greatly reduced in the water. Women's menstrual cycles coincide with the cycle of the moon and tides. This is the perfect time of the year to heal the body by getting in the water. Why not get in touch with our ancestors from the water while the weather is right? Okay wear a suit.

Traditional tarot meaning: poverty, illness, life outside of the Church, punishment for non-conformity.

 In a Reading: This card signifies a time for healing especially by water.

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