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Full Moon Cycle Sagittarius
May 21-June 20
The overall theme or lesson of the  Full Moon Cycle of Sagittarius  is  the cause and effect of Love on men. This card brings some understanding of the male point of view regarding committed relationships 
The Full Moon  cycle of  Sagittarius  honors the consort of the Great Mother, who is the Holy Father. In this image he is walking through a stone circle deep in the forest after his union with the empress. A child-spirit hands him another arrow, which symbolizes fertility.

 This moon marks the reign of the Green Man reaching his full potency. He is the old god of nature and sexual prowess who worships the goddess. The traditional Celtic Dagda was known as "good father". The Romans called him "Dis Pater," ("God Father"). He is the Horned God (Pater) Pan or Father Pan. He is the King of Arcadia, one of the oldest gods of Greece, who is associated with Dionysus and Bacchus, God of wine and the vine. The Greeks claimed that the Egyptian's god Amon Ra was actually Pan. Panopolis was the name given to Amon Ra's holy city. The High Priest belongs to the ancient All-Fathers gods associated with divine bread. These lusty father gods of the ancient world would guarantee abundance. As the sun achieves its peak and daytime hours are the longest, it is the Sun's time to dominate. As Dionysus, this deity witnessed the holy mysteries of the goddess and, as punishment, he was torn into pieces. This action is similar to the fate of Osiris who was torn to pieces by his jealous brother Set. This phenomenon of being torn to pieces shows up in the experiences of many shamanic practitioners. Young men seeking the Egyptian priesthood were put through a grueling, highly secret 10-day initiation that included a descent into hell. The initiates went into the underworld where they experienced the trials of Isis and her experience of putting all the pieces of Osiris back together. Only the high priests were allowed to have sexual relations with the high priestesses, thus the Hierophant represents the father of the child born from the sacred union with the Empress.

The designs on the robe of The High Priest represents the 3 shamanic worlds. The upper world, the middle world and the underworld or lower world. When on a shamanic journey the shaman will feel him/herself being pulled into one of these 3 levels. The upper world is the world of guides and teachers if you feel yourself lifting you may encounter a guide or teacher for your information. If you feel yourself staying on the same level you are physically sitting in you may be journeying to the middle world the world where time travel can take place. If you feel yourself being pulled down you may be journeying to the underworld the realm of power animals. These journeys can occur spontaneously or can be induced through monotonous drumming which can still and bore the mind so much that it induces trance.

Since not everyone has the ability or desire to visit other dimensions of reality the High Priest as spiritual leader and shaman will journey to these worlds to retrieve whatever knowledge his people may need. The role of the priest is mediator between this world and the next, between the physical and the spiritual, between the world of humans and the world of the animals his people need for survival. His knowledge protects him as he travels to spiritual realms.

When looking at the MAAT cards in terms of the shaman we will see the Fool as the innocent young initiate about to stumble into his first usually unbeckoned journey into the underworld his power animal with him is the dog. In MAAT the Fool is symbolized as the constellation Orion sacred to the ancient Egyptian's Orion represented osiris god of the underworld represented as the sun at midnight.
The Hermit card shows the ascended master who has himself become a teacher in the upper world. In MAAT the Hermit represents the sun-god Ra the highest of ancient Egyptian gods the sun in the afternoon.
The horned Emperor in MAAT Tarot represents the shaman's journey used in hunting magic.

Other names: The Hierophant, Pan (panic); Father Pan; Peter Pan; Robin Hood; Amon Ra; the Good Father; the Holy Father; Adonis; Dionysious; Bacchus; Osiris; Tammuz; the father of the child of the Empress; the Consort of the Goddess, Chiron the wounded healer

 Symbols: Centaur; the horse as symbol of penis size (Kama Sutra); The Sacred King; bread & wine.

Attributes: The archer who has spent his arrow (symbol for the erect penis); today's non-sexual Priest; sexually stagnant (Tower form); ancient priest with sexual partners.

Full Moon in Sagittarius key phrase: "I see"

 In a Reading: This card signifies a loving person who has been called to a spiritual life. This could be of a traditional holy religious order or non-traditional spiritual path.

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

 Kim Roger Gallagher says about Mercury, "being an internal computer that constantly feeds you data about the world.  His position and house in your chart shows how you think and reason, and how you express yourself to others.  You recognize him in your speech patterns, your handwriting, and in the way you walk, because moving through your enfironment means communicating with it." from Astrology Light Brain
The New Moon in Gemini-"I like you well enough and its been great but I must be movin' on.

The eight of cups can represent the short-lived romance this is the short but sweet relationship that teaches something and then after the lesson is learned the beloved moves on. The eight cups also seems to suggest an understanding of the cycle or journey of the sun with a cup for each one of the eight cross-quarter days we see that the sun like the moon has a cycle of waxing and waning light.

Traditional tarot meaning: leaving a relationship, with emotional cups in order it is time to move on.

In a Reading: This card represents a situation where emotional issues resolved or emotional lessons were learned and the work being done, it is time to move on. A short-lived relationship.


 The First Quarter Moon in Virgo-The Wish Card

The image for the 9 of Cups is a person sitting in a field blowing a from a dandelion. In the distance you can see the results of all the wishes manifested in the field of yellow dandelions. The symbolic point to this card is to be careful what you wish for as your intentions can become manifest and then you have to be responsible for the outcome. You may get more than you bargained for.

 Traditional tarot meaning: the wish card!

In a Reading: This card is a warning about being careful what you wish for, because you could get it. Sometimes getting what you want can be more than we bargained for.

The Full moon in Sagittarius-He's the one who is really interested.

The King of Cups' union with the Queen of Cups will create the next generation. This aligns him with the archetype of the 'Holy Father', the green man and the wild man of the woods.This card signifies the relationship that has stability loyalty and longevity. This is a relationship where there is a hunger for each other's company a card of one's truest love. He also represents the personification of the green plants of the summer season.

 In a Reading: This card represents a man who has control over his emotions. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He is calm, charming, sweet and isn't effected by scenes of emotional drama. He has an extremely affectionate and generous nature is a kind and patient lover and a good father. Despite the fact he loves to party and wouldn't think of passing up a good time this man is a 'keeper'.

Traditional tarot meaning: a man with brown hair, and the zodiac sign Scorpio

 The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces-Love and loyalty through thick and thin.

This couple is successful because they have learned to weather any storm. The rainbow in the sky symbolizes the ability to let the sun shine through the rain. A reflection of the rainbow in the sky is seen in the puddle on the sidewalk reminding us that the people of earth are expected to complete the circle of that rainbow.

Traditional tarot meaning: the happy family, success, a new house.

 In a Reading: This card represents the successful family. Both partners have worked hard to create a happy home. They have learned live in peace with each other to trust each other. They do not keep score on each other's behavior nor do they feel the need to teach the other a lesson for momentary bad behavior. They have learned to live with each other's little annoying characteristics and have become each other's sunshine through the rain.

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