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Full Moon Cycle of Cancer
December 21- January 19

The overall theme or lesson of the Full Moon Cycle of Cancer  is the bonds of family mother and child specifically but not exclusively. This chapter deals with personal soul connections; the dedication and sacrifice persisting from one lifetime to the next to preserve life and family. Follow the lunar phases in the minor cards listed in this chapter to understand the benfits and disadvantages of dealing with the preservationand maintenance of family for positive or negative in the physical world. See how the cards relate to the theme of the miracle of family.

The Magician represents the first full moon cycle after Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice or Yule is the cross-quarter day that signals the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is the day when Mother Earth gives birth to the Sun child. Many Solar Deities have their birthdays at this time. Hathor birthed the lion-maned Sphinx; Isis gave birth to Horus. Celtic goddess Rhiannon gave birth Pryderi (golden haired colt who was the Sun). The Persian solar/savior god Mithra was said to have no mother born from a female rock December 25th and called  “the unconquerable Sun" he was adopted by the Romans in 307 AD as the "Protector of the Empire". Mary gave birth to Jesus, who became assimilated with these older deities, thus the reference to the 'Sun' of God.
The Scarab eats dung and transforms the filth into fertile soil- it is but another mother's traditional job to clean and renew. This card emphasizes the importance of Renewal and Rejuvenation Powers of life and of Birth. These powers are seen as the Mother bringing forth life from a dark womb. Birth is the magical event that transforms spirit into the material world.
The magical newborn who is in tune with the universal energies at the moment of it's birth, is imprinted with his/her personal rules caught in this moment of birth for the rest of his /her life and documented in the natal chart.
Which leads me to an interesting story about a hunch I had relating to the Star of Bethlehem being an astrological configuration. Some years ago I had a friend with a very advanced astrology program run a search for a Fire and Water trine over Bethlehem. A trine is an astrological term used when three planets aspect each other in three signs having the same element. To find a fire and water trine you would be looking for a chart with planets aspecting in all three water signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces as well as all three fire signs, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. I asked her to find me a fire and water trine between 1000 BCE and 50 AD. A fire and water trine would not create a true star of David in the sky but the symbolism would be significant to a people waiting for the return of the Messiah, in my mind. In her search she came up with January 5 in the year 02BCE. There was only one fire and water trine in the whole time frame I gave her. This seemed to me to be what I was looking for. Conflicts arose with timing however because Herod was supposed to have died in 4BCE according to historical records. This was two years too early for the story of the three wise men to work into my "star" theory. Then a couple weeks ago a documentary on PBS came on that stated a correction in King Herod's date of death they (this documentary) revised the date of death to 01BCE. This makes an astronomical chart containing a fire and water trine a very feasible star (Star of David) for the natal chart of a" once and future king". The three Kings 'from the east' sometimes called Wise men or Astrologers whose gifts represented the three factions of Jews in ancient Israel The Essenes (love) myrrh The Sadducees (rich land owning Jews) gold, Pharisees (law) frankincense.
What is still interesting to me is the" Eastern origin" of the story. This implies that the story was being told from a place different than Palestine. When I used to hear this story as a child these Kings came from some place else...we three kings from orient are.  But these were the local Jewish authorities. The fourth King Herod was the "bad" king not to be trusted. (Was this a Roman perspective?) But further research showed that Herod was the appointed King of the Jewish people. Appointed by Marc Antony an ally of Egypt and in direct opposition to the emperor Augustus. Antony and Augustus who were at war only 28 years earlier. Last but not  least the 'holy family’ fearing 'Herod' or (maybe it was Rome) fled to Egypt to be safe.  Herod also was the owner of Masada where the last of the rebels against Rome eventually committed suicide. Masada had been a favorite rendezvous spot of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. I also find this to be an interesting political connection since Herod was appointed King of the Jews by Marc Antony back in the days before the death of Julius Caesar. After Caesar's death Antony joined forces with Cleopatra against Rome. Was Herod still an ally of Antony and Cleopatra during their conflict?
I believe this was politics with a spiritual edge. The Jewish kings were searching for King David's return. I think he did return. But he had evolved and the law of "might as right" that David had established by slaying Goliath was the law Jews and the Roman's had adhered to. This law was unjust. Jesus/Yeshua came back to enforce the old law of Karma. Balance an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Which is a natural law not really needing any human intervention. The law what goes around comes around being more in line with the laws of Karma. But also Jesus was teaching people how to release themselves from their karma by turning the other cheek. Defeating your enemies by allowing them to defeat themselves with their own bad karma.
This may not have been what the "the three Kings /astrologers /Jewish authorities" expected when they looked for the Star of David in the sky. But Jesus did play the role of the traditional Savior gods like Horus and Mithra casting light on the shadows within.

Other names: Mother of child couples; Mary (Jesus Christ); the Great Goddess; Isis (Horus); other Mother Goddesses of Transformation; Nana; Rhiannon; Pryderi; Earth and Sun, Khepera, the self made one (Egyptian sun of the morning)

Symbols: Eye of the creator; the child; sparrow hawk; eagle; lion; Phoenix

Attributes: Omnipresent; omniscience; omnipotence

Full Moon in Cancer key phrase: "I Feel"

In a Reading: This card represents the magic of life. It represents a person who has the ability to create whatever they wish from the materials in their environment. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the beginning with a long road. This card symbolizes one’s personal energy moving outward rather than being externalized.


The New Moon in Capricorn -'Your character is your destiny '.

 An old woman trudges through the deep snow with her bundle of morning firewood. The trees block her view of the dawn but somehow she knows it is there. Her burden will be lifted when she passes her knowledge on to the next generation, then her job will be completed and she will be able to ease her burdens.This card also implies the idea that even if we shed our skins and reincarnate our karmic debts follow us and must be paid in full, as well as that which we are owed must also be returned to us. Our karma is the work that we have come into the world to do. Making the suggestion that tending to our burdens and responsibilities will create the joy and harmony we seek .


Our actions create our reality and what we do has a direct effect on how our lives are much of the petty disharmony of our lives is of our own making. Personal internal issues are often reflected in the external world.


In a Reading: This card represents a burden that you have been carrying on your own. This burden has obscured your view of your life path. Knowledge can also become a burden if it is kept to oneself. Pass your skills or information on to the next generation allowing them to join in with the work will teach them something important and lighten your load. This card can also suggest a moving to a new location.


Traditional tarot meaning: relief of a burden, or an inability to see where one is going because of a burden.

The First Quarter Moon in Aries- The Hero infant raised in secret.

The image for the 9 of Wands is the infant hero archetype that is raised in secret. Moses in the rushes, Horus who was raised by Isis in the march lands hidden away from his evil uncle the god of the desert destruction Set. Arthur is also an infant raised in secret. Jesus whisked away right after his birth to Egypt by his parents until King Herod was dead. The image in the 9 of wands card is a woman with her back against the wall forced to raise her child in secret for his/her own protection. The child will grow up to restore balance and bring peace.

Traditional tarot meaning: rest between battles.

In a Reading: This card reveals something that needs to be nurtured over time so that it can mature into greatness. This card can represent a person place or thing of great importance that needs protection in order to mature to its full potential.

The Full Moon in Cancer-Magic from the distaff side of life

The image for the Queen of Wands is the spinner. This queen is a woman who can make something from almost nothing. She is the mother magician her wand is the distaff. She has gathered the fibers from the fur of animals she raises and is spinning it into the thread that can be woven into the many things she needs to keep her children safe and warm. As early as 10,000 years ago woman learned that fibers spun in a continuous thread is useful. The spindle was created to hold the thread.


Traditional tarot meaning: a woman with blond hair and blue eyes, also the zodiac sign Leo.


In a Reading: This card represents a person who seems to be able to create beauty from very little resources. Most people would look at this person and think she has nothing to work with and yet she does not see things this way. She is able to see potential in the very fibers of the earth. She is a magician of sorts pulling the extraordinary out of ‚"thin air‚"

The Last Quarter Moon in Libra-A Message

The image for the 8 of Wands is a young woman far from her homeland writing a letter. The painting behind her is 18th century classic painting called 'the letter'. This card represents the importance of communication, it represents all forms of communications and messages.


Traditional meaning: fast action and messages. This card can also include psychic messages and the skills required to communicate on all levels. You can expect an important communication when this card comes up.


In a Reading: All traditional meanings apply here. Messages of all types including all types of technological and psychic communication are symbolized. The word comes through resulting in fast action and quick resolution to a situation.

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