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Full Moon Cycle of Gemini
November 22 - December 21

The overall theme or lesson of Strength  lunar cycle of the full moon Gemini is the idea of the continuation of personal relationships beyond death. This chapter deals with personal soul connections that can persist from one lifetime to the next partnerships so strong they remain viable regardless of time and space.

The image of this card is the Evening Star (rebirth) and the Morning Star (death) as the twins of ancient myth. The morning star disappears into the brilliance of the sun and reemerges as the evening star.  This disappearing and reappearing phenomenon occurs again and again with all the heavenly bodies. In the late autumn season it is the sun itself that disappears below the horizon in the far North.
 The sun disappears into the body of the Great Mother earth. The promise of the sun's return is the Winter Solstice, during which strength is needed to make it through the moments of deepest darkness. Shu and Tufnut, twin lions (first born of Re) from ancient Egyptian Mythos, are two siblings that are quite interesting.  Shu is most often depicted in human form, while his sister Tufnut assumes the lion's shape. Originally both were lion deities reappearing later in the Middle Kingdom as the twin lions of yesterday and today. Shu was the 'Atlas of Egypt', his role being to support the sky. His lioness sister was goddess of the sun and the dew and legend has it that she received the newborn sun each morning.  Her brother takes the Sun from her mouth and places it in the sky.  Shu and Tufnut were two of the original nine gods of Heliopolis, but their personalities were later absorbed into Horus and Bast. 
Some of the ancient text refers to the double lion in twin-soul terms, the physical manifestations of the original creator Atum, whose energies assume a dual form upon coming in contact with the earth or material sphere.
"Twin souls follow each other from incarnation to incarnation, sometimes never actually meeting up with him/her on the earth plane but always gathering the experience necessary for the spiritual development of the complete unit.  Another explanation is that only half of the twin incarnates while the other half watches over its polarity from the world of spirit.  When the incarnated half has reached a certain level of evolution and awareness then the twin may take human form to create final polarization on the earth level prior to ascending to the higher planes..."

Murray Hope, The Way of Cartouche  (New York, St. Martin's Press, 1985) p. 151-55

Other names: Horus (Atlas of Egypt) and Bast (Goddess of Dew and Sun); Zeus and Nemesis; Polydeuces and Castor; Dionysis and Semele; Hercules (associated with Shu (The White Goddess by Robert Graves)); Egyptian warrior god Anhur; Sekemet Lion headed goddess of the Sun

Symbols: Twin lions of Today and Yesterday; Sun and Moon; Light and dark; Morning star and Evening star; Sleep and Death

Attributes: Taking over of feminine; Darkness over light; surrender; faith

Full Moon in Gemini key phrase: "I think

In a Reading: When seeking information about timing this card would represent the darkness before the dawn. It represents the inner strength needed to transform a situation. It represents a strong couple working together to create change. This card represents the power of the subconscious /intuitive/ feminine over the conscious/logical/masculine.
The New Moon in Sagittarius-on reality, self policing and prisons of the mind 

The image of the 8 of Swords is a woman blinded by the flag she is unable to see the greater 'Sombrero galaxy' hovering above her. The fabricated  'star' on her head is a stark contrast to the real stars in the sombrero
galaxy...it takes light 80,000 years to get from one end of the Sombrero Galaxy to the other, this fact gives proof to the great capacity of the universe and its infinite majesty.
 The woman is a symbol of someone who is held back by his or her culture or blinded by patriotism. She is a person who keeps her world very small and safe. The question remains as to how small is too small and when is it appropriate or even necessary to step out of the personal safety zone.


In a Reading: This card represents a person who is brain washed, unable to see his or her own circumstance for what it is, as well as a disconnection from the intuitive self there is also a sense of danger where no danger exists. Self policing.

Traditional tarot meaning: imprisonment, a feeling of being trapped whether this real or imagined, a person held back by their culture.

First Quarter Moon in Pisces-Prophetic dreams, spirit contact and thngs that go bump in the night.

Now is the time when the creative power of the waxing moon is visiting the realms the deepest subconscious. The dark month before the winter solstice is the month when we tap into the collective subconscious. Our days are filled with memories of holidays gone by...cultural traditions as well as old family traditions and the memories of loved ones who have passed away fill our minds. We prepare gatherings to celebrate life and the power and mercy of the mysteries of the universe. The power of the sun continues to wane until the winter solstice all the while the moon's light remains the same and as the nights grow longer sleeping and dreaming become paramount. Become aware of your dreams if you keep a dream diary this will help you to record your dreams. Take note of long lost relations that pop into your head as well as your dreams as you prepare for the celebrations ahead. Listen for the wisdom of familiar voices as you continue the traditions they began... they are all gathered around you... the ones you know who have passed and the ones who you will know who are coming into being ...embrace the mystery.


Traditional tarot meaning nightmares, loss of sleep from stress


In a Reading: this card represents a significant dream, spiritual encounter or a dream that changes your view of reality. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the eternal, time overlapping into the timeless spiritual realm leaving an accessible doorway.


The Full moon in Gemini-Stories of the dark queen of myth and legend, the widow, the whore, and the mystery only she can reveal.

The image in the Queen of Swords card is the Magdalene pregnant with her hand on the skull. The Maat Queen of Swords whose roots are those of The Great Goddess comes to us in fragments from the stories of dark widowed queens of the annual king, keeper of the sacred spark. She is one of the last symbolic remnants of the Great European Goddess of the ash mound, the Dark Mother. The Queen of Swords is the archetype of all unapologetic dark queens of history, myth and legend like Cleopatra, Morgana le Fey and Mary Magdalene her reputation is that of the whore. This adjective was meant to diminish her power yet it cannot. She alone is witness to some forgotten truth. She remains a mystery to outsiders and is dangerous to her lover's enemies.


In a Reading The card would represent a woman who has endured significant losses and has recovered enough to reach out to others. All traditional meanings apply.


Traditional meanings: a widow or she has suffered the loss of a child. She has somehow recovered enough from her pain to begin to reach out again. This card is also sometimes referred to as the bitch, she is creative, smart, sharp-tongued and sometimes said to be a writer. A brown haired woman and the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Last Quarter Moon in Virgo-Darkness before the dawn, stories of historical betrayals.

When someone finds him or herself in the position of the betrayed and heartbroken backstabbed by friends. Do a self-check to see if your dreams and aspirations have been expanding beyond your personal jurisdiction? Are you trying to control too much? Is there some outmoded habit or behavior that does not serve your life and is now just leaking energy from you and those you love? Have you crippled yourself and others by not being able to adjust to change? Have you expected others to do your bidding and been disappointed by their rebellion?‚The Roman Empire had begun as a few family farms that had prospered through cooperation. However by the time of its collapse The Roman Empire had turned into an oppressive imperial state with more slaves than citizens. Where can you find this modeled in your own life?


Traditional tarot meaning overkill. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the end of the situation.


In a Reading: hitting rock bottom, a time to let go of an old situation and move on to a new situation. The experience of betrayal of trust or being backstabbed by associates. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the end or the worst of a situation.

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